Live Tracking

We will be using a Garmin inReach Mini PLB for the duration of our ride. You can track us on the below map (you may need to adjust the map to see our current location).

A Typical Day

An “average” day will mean riding 200-210 km at an average speed of 20 kph. This is our speed in good conditions (no headwind, relatively flat to undulating), and allows for short breaks like toilet stops. We will also stop for about 2-3 hours throughout the day for meals and taking photos, social media, etc. The total riding time including stops will be about 13 hours. At the start and end of each day we need 1-2 hours to get organised, so this leaves us with about 8 hours of sleep time.

We have scheduled approximately one short day or rest day per six days. However, there is flexibility to take extra rest days, although we do have a limited amount of leave booked! We have only booked accommodation for one stop (nights 8-9 in Coral Bay), and this was booked because we know it will be peak season and our schedule for the first week is quite fixed based on needing to do the kilometres between resupply points.