Emma’s Gear

Emma’s Specialized Diverge with all gear on board

Seat Bag with Sleep System

Apidura Expedition 9L saddle bag (all in one large orange dry bag) (1.84 kg):

  • Silk sack liner
  • MLD Event Solo bivy
  • Nemo Tensor insulated short mummy mat
  • Enlightened Equipment Enigma quilt (custom short)
  • Ear plugs, S2S eye mask, Nemo inflatable pillow, EE down booties in bag

Strapped to seat bag (0.3 kg):

  • Expandable food bag  
  • Velocio yellow rain vest in dry bag
  • Extra water 750mL bidon (empty)
  • Garmin Radar rear light
Seat bag with sleep system

Frame Bag

Custom Rockgeist Frame bag (2.15 kg):

Bottom triangle:

  • Muckoff road tubeless repair plugs and stabber 
  • Waterproof bag with safety pins, spare brake pad, spare cage bolts
  • 2 mini tent pegs
  • Montane rain pants, rolled and secured with a velcro strap
  • Head torch
  • 10 skinny cable ties – spare

Left hand side:

  • Klite USB port
  • Cache battery x 1 plus charging cable
  • RideWA route notes
  • Waterproof pen and paper
First aid kit (shared)

Right hand side top:

  • Toiletries – toothbrush and toothpaste, reusable toothpick, comb, insect repellent spray, skin repair gel, Traumeel anti inflammatory gel, 1% steroid cream, stingoes cream, nail clippers, lip repair balm, face cleanser, small pack towel for face washing, small S2S blue towel for drying, laundry detergent
  • Period things – panty liners, pads
  • First aid kit
  • Electrics – wall adaptor and charging cables (exposure lights cable, Garmin watch cable, USB-C to USB-C cable, micro USB cables x 2, USB-C to micro USB adapter and vice versa), etap charger, spare etap battery 
  • Exposure front light
  • Toilet paper (small amount) and shovel
  • Rain wear: Dexshell waterproof gloves & socks
  • Spare sunnies lens
Frame bag with gear

Handlebar Bag with Clothes

Apidura Expedition Handlebar bag (all in one medium dry bag) (1.46 kg):

  • Enlightened Equipment down jacket
  • Clothes: merino socks, merino long sleeve top, aqua merino singlet, lightweight undies x 2, bra, silk leggings 
  • Virago bikini
  • Summer dress
  • Spare bibs (7Mesh), spare cycling socks (Veloccio merino)
  • Cork massage ball and Blackroll micro foam roll
  • Chamois cream

Attached to front of handlebar bag/ aerobars (0.59 kg):

  • Off the bike shoes – Xeroshoes sandals (in dry bag, carabiner clipped)
  • Mini red backpack, carabiner clipped
  • 7Mesh red rain jacket in yellow dry bag with loop, carabiner clipped
Handlebar bag with clothes

Attached to Aerobars & Handlebars

Apidura Race Handlebar bag (0.76 kg):

  • Water bottles x 2
  • S2S Spoon/knife
  • Flat plate
  • S2S collapsible large cup with lid
  • Dish washing cloth
  • S2S small toiletry cell for food
  • Rubbish bag
  • Bike lock

Fish n Chips feed bags (0.33 kg):

  • Waterproof baggie with earbud headphones, charging cables (USB to USB-C phone charger, small micro-USB for Garmin, cache battery x 1, emergency cash (carabiner clips to F&C feed bag)
  • Zip lock bags for food

Revelate feed bag (0.24 kg):

  • Homemade cups as small snacks containers in feed bag
  • Sunscreen
  • Lip balm 
  • Insect repellent
  • S2S fly net

Skin grows back feed bag (0.12 kg):

To hold extra drink or food

Attached to handlebars (0.36 kg):

  • Merino buff
  • Waterproof buff
  • Buff rag
  • Garmin
  • Klite front light
Attached to aerobars and handlebars

Tools and Spares

  • BBB mini tool with allen keys and screwdrivers
  • Victorinox EvoWood S557 pocket knife
  • 2.5mm Allen key with rounded end for 76 projects Garmin mount + brake lever reach adjustment
  • 8mm spanner/ socket for klite light mounts
  • Spoke wrench – check fits spoke nipples
  • Valve core tool
  • Mini Pump
  • Spare etap battery
  • Etap charger
  • 2 x spare tubes – tubolito
  • Skinny 3.2mm cable ties x 10
  • Small cloth tape roll
  • Mini chain lube
  • Muckoff road tubeless repair plugs
  • Sealant bag x 1
  • Spare hanger specific to bike
  • 6 bottle cage bolts
  • Tyre boot x 2
  • CO2 canister x 2
  • CO2 regulator
  • 3 x CR2032 batteries (etap handlebars, HR strap, power meter)
  • Quick links x 4
  • Spare chain piece (small)
  • Safety pins – large and small
  • Spare brake pad x 1

0.64 kg

Shared spares carried by Greg:

  •  Spare tyre x 1
  •  Chain break tool (12 speed compatible)
  •  Quick link tool
  •  Sealant
  •  Mini torque wrench
  •  Spare cleats and screws
  •  Tyre levers x 2
  •  Fibre fix spoke
Spares and tools


Attached to helmet

  • Mirror
  • Exposure light helmet mount


  • B-rad adaptors and bottle cages
  • 2 x 1 L bidons
  • Topeak road mini pump with foot rest

0.56 kg

All the packed bags

Total luggage weight 9.35 kg, excluding food & water

Bike weight 9.4 kg

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