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Financial and In-Kind Support

We are adventurers who love to fine-tune our gear so we are well equipped with bikes and gear for our journey.

The costs that we expect to incur are:

  • Bike servicing before, during and after the ride
  • Accommodation on-route (anticipated cost over $4,000 for 24 nights of accommodation at an average of $150 per night – while we are taking camping gear, we know we will sleep better in a bed, and appreciate a hot shower, when possible!)
  • Food and Drinks on-route (anticipated cost over $5,000, due to distances between supermarkets, having to buy meals, and higher cost in remote areas)

We have had numerous people ask how they can contribute to the cost of the trip, so we have set up a GoFundMe to raise some funds towards the cost of the trip and for charity.

We aim to raise $2,000 towards the cost of the trip, and $2,000 each for three charities.

We have chosen the following charities that are Western-Australian based, and address issues that are close to our heart and represent some of the diversity of our State:

  • Kaarakin Black Cockatoo Recovery Centre, in Perth Hills – because we see black cockatoos often on our bike touring in the South West and Wheatbelt, we affectionately refer to them as “our friend” birds. Kaarakin is a specialised black cockatoo rehabilitation centre, and also contributes to habitat restoration. It costs them $11 per day per cockatoo, and they have about 150 birds! We aim to raise $2,000 for Kaarakin, which will provide funds to sponsor and release two black cockatoos.
  • Trillion Trees, a Western Australian based charity that plants trees and understorey to improve biodiversity and combat salinity and soil erosion. If every citizen around the world plants 140 trees, we will have an additional trillion trees – the cost of 140 trees is $700 (via this charity). We aim to raise $2,000.
  • Feed The Little Children, a charity that provides hot meals and cooking classes to young disadvantaged children in Broome. $100 feeds 20 children for one night, they do 600 meals two nights a week. We aim to raise $2,000.

If we raise less than $4,000 the funds raised will be distributed equally to support our trip and to support charity. Once we get to $8,000 the additional funds raised will be split between the trip costs and the selected charities. We will divide the funds roughly equally between the three nominated charities.

On-Route Support

If you will be on route at the same time as us, keep an eye out. We will welcome water and food donations (we have a running joke of counting the number of cars that offer us icy cold cans of coke – so far the count is zero).

If you can commit to providing water or food on long stretches between supplies, please get in touch.

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